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Congratulations to the core team and all of the many contributors who helped create Redis 6.2!

A few highlights:

  • LMOVE deprecates RPOPLPUSH for moving items between lists. Forgetting RPOPLPUSH will offer memory savings for our brains. docs
  • You can COPY keys of any type from one location to another. docs
  • SET will return a key’s previous value when the new GET option is used, deprecating the GETSET command. docs
  • Conditionally update scores in sorted sets using ZADD’s new LT and GT options. docs

You can read more in the release notes from the Redis core team.

Redis 6.2 is supported on the RedisGreen platform. You can build new databases using this version, or upgrade any Redis 6.0 database with no downtime.

Want to give the new release a try? Use RedisGreen to build a new Redis server now