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Two new versions of open source Redis landed recently. 7.0.6 includes a number of performance improvements fixing minor regressions and improving ZADD and some Lua script performance.

Memetria hosted databases on the 7.0 and 6.2 branches are being updated to the latest versions during their regular automated maintenance periods.

We rolled out patches to Memetria databases running the 7.0 branch of Redis. All of the security fixes in this release were already applied to Memetria databases. The other minor changes will be applied during regular automated maintenance periods.

RedisGreen is now Memetria

Today we're introducing Memetria: a new name for our services that fits our current products and our goals for the future.

We are proud of the high-performance, dev-friendly services that we have built over more than a decade since RedisGreen first launched. All of those services will continue under the Memetria name.

A few things changed today:

Our company, team, and commitment to customers remain the same.

Our focus is on the future of lightweight, high-performance data systems. Memetria will continue to help developers harness the power of the best of those systems, including Redis!

We're looking forward to another ten years, and can't wait to see what you build next.

Redis 7.0.3, a minor patch release, is available now.

This release contains a number of small fixes and improvements. All RedisGreen servers on the 7.0 release branch will be patched with this update during their next maintenance cycle.

Redis 7.0.2, a minor patch release, is available now.

The major change in this release is a fix to a problem from the initial release of 7.0, where the SET command was incorrectly marked as “movablekeys”, causing extra traffic for that command in cluster clients.

Since its release in late April we have seen increasing adoption of Redis 7.0 across our platform. It is now the default version for new RedisGreen databases, and our current recommendation.

If you’re running an older version on RedisGreen, upgrading is a zero-downtime process through the Settings menu.

Redis 7.0.1, the first patch release for Redis 7, was released today.

The new version includes many changes, but we expect only improvements to stability and performance for RedisGreen customers. Version 7.0.1 has started rolling out as the new default to all customers on the 7.x branch today.

For more details, check the release notes.

Congratulations to the Redis community on the launch of Redis 7.0!

A few highlights:

  • New backup format: AOF backups (used by RedisGreen) are now multi-file to allow more granular recovery capabilities.
  • Keyspace events for new keys
  • New programmable function support

You can read more in the release notes.

Redis 7.0 is supported on the RedisGreen platform. You can build new databases using this version, or upgrade any Redis 6.2 database with no downtime.

Want to give the new release a try? Use RedisGreen to build a new Redis server now

Redis version 6.2.7 is now available.

This new patch was released to address a security concern that RedisGreen users are protected against.

The new version also fixes a couple of edge cases in LPOP/RPOP return results for empty or non-existing lists.

See the full release notes below for more details.